Field development is changing

Amplus Energy is your field development partner with a creative, entrepreneurial approach to your oil field, right across the lifecycle.

From subsurface to technical development, operator engagement, safety and FPSO experience through to financial support, we deliver technical solutions and partnership expertise for your field development.

Think differently, and things can be done differently.

Field Development


We explore and analyse your field development from every angle. We have deep dive expertise, specialisms and practical experience in everything from subsurface and technical development through to pre-FEED, FEED, operator engagement, safety and FPSO delivery and operations.

Field Development


We bring knowledge, deep expertise and strong industry connections to unearth new ways of working for maximum field efficiency. We’ll help you access finance, and, for the right projects, we’ll partner economically too.

Let's get developing

Find out how our expertise in field development will help ensure your project’s success.

Proven innovation. Tireless exploration. Can-do attitude.

VPU™ (Versatile Production Unit)

Amplus VPUs offer convenient capability with no compromise to safety. We help oil majors set up and relocate operations efficiently while maintaining the safety standards of traditional floating platforms. Field development solutions (including funding packages) designed for smaller independent oil companies are also part of our offering.

Faster set up and redeployment with Turret Moored and DP options to ensure a high level of operational uptime.

Amplus is an innovative provider of economically-viable global field development solutions.
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Modular design enables vessels to be optimally configured to operational requirements
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Reduced emissions and maximisation of each opportunity leads to significantly improved cost-efficiency.

We believe in helping our clients capitalise on the solutions available to them, and focus on what can be done – the possibilities created through creative and innovative solutions – before we entertain the can’t. This begins with flexible solutions that prioritise early returns.

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Financing Packages

We help our clients access and leverage opportunity. This begins with our range of Spread Moored, Turret Moored/DP3 assisted and DP only VPU solutions, and extends to the packages we offer: tailored, results-focused and effective. We also offer operations and management support through established, qualified partners with successful track records in each region.

Lease or Buy
The option to lease or buy a vessel for operations.
Full-Field Solution
A combination of Amplus and a consortium of partners, managed by an integrated team. Gain access to significant expertise and unique field development technology, provided as a turnkey solution.
Full-field development solutions with the potential of funding packages through a major oil trading company.