Amplus Consortium

We harness the power of unity: in combining knowledge, expertise and resources to maximise delivery to our clients.

Amplus and its consortium partners all have more than 35 years of relevant field development experience. The Amplus consortium can offer a wide range of field development solutions which are designed to reduce costs, improve efficiency and significantly reduce the time to “First Oil” for our clients.

The Consortium package potentially offers up to 40% CAPEX savings

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The Consortium Approach

Working with the Consortium approach, our clients gain access to significant expertise and unique field development technology, delivered as a full-field solution. Our Consortium package incorporates our range of VPUs , purpose-designed process facilities, and subsea production systems developed alongside our world-leading partner, TechnipFMC. Together, we deliver significant improvements in development and operating costs.

The Consortium provides flexible and rigid flow lines, rigid risers, flexible risers and other subsea services: reservoir development and management and drilling and completion services for VPU field developments.

Amplus Consortium Package

‘Full package’ that includes a fast-track, economic and flexible development and operating solution.

The Consortium’s experience includes the high levels of safety performance and operational uptime.

Brings multiple fields and exploration prospects into production.

Delivers a step-change – with break-through improvements – in development and operating costs .

Consortium Partners

The selection of Consortium partners can be modified to each individual project and project requirement.


TechnipFMC was Amplus’s subsea partner on our recent West African Study.

TechnipFMC draws on its iEPCI expertise in selecting optimal field architecture and project execution. Through their ownership of Genesis, they also offer detailed design, flow-assurance and topside expertise.

Halliburton Consulting

Halliburton Consulting offers considerable expertise in collaborating with key vendors to optimise operators’ planning and operation of marginal and conventional fields, to ensure economic profitability.

It has a track record of collaboratively working on projects that offer a turnkey, cost-effective solution, considering both surface and sub-surface requirements.