Your field development partner

Amplus Energy is your complete field development partner. We are driven by free-thinking initiative supported by more than 100 years of senior management expertise in the North Sea operator and service sectors.
Our passion for unearthing the possible to minimise your operating costs allows us to look at projects with fresh eyes, going well beyond the conventional to change the picture and maximise your profits.

If there’s a way, we’ll find it.

Your innovative partner, providing fresh ideas to maximise your field development

Experienced confidence

Ingenious technical solutions to make the unviable work.

Deep connections

Bringing all aspects of field development together effectively and economically.

Access to finance

Linking you with established financial providers. We may also offer finance too.

For viable projects in need of financial backing, our deep connections and deal-making expertise help us identify accessible solutions for you. And for the right projects, we’re prepared to partner economically too, unlike other standard and outdated service company models.

We don’t believe in “it can’t be done”. We breathe life into everything we do, which in turn does the same for your project.

Let’s get developing

Find out how our expertise in field development will help ensure your project's success.