VPU™ (Versatile Production Unit)

We offer innovations, not experimentations.

Our range of VPUs are tried-and-tested and proven to cut costs and increase efficiency. All the component technologies are proven, safe and reliable.

With reduced CAPEX, minimal mobilisation times and maximum versatility, VPUs offer accelerated production potential, reducing costs across new and existing opportunities.

The VPU has been awarded an approval in principle from Lloyds Register for the vessel design – this is an industry first.

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Dual Fuel Engines

Dual-fuel engines significantly reduce the fuel consumption and emissions from the VPU as well as removing/reducing any need for flaring.

Mooring and DP Options

All options support Multi-Riser and Control Umbilical requirements.

Spread Moored

Low Cost Spread Moored VPU options sized to meet the specific client requirements with a large side mounted Riser Porch.

Turret Moored

The Moored Turret Buoy and Riser system can be installed off the project “Critical Path” to ensure the VPU can be connected and ready to commence operations within hours of arriving in the field.

Dynamically Positioned (DP)

Dis-connectable Turret Buoy is utilised with no mooring system required: the costs of mooring, installation, relocation and removal are drastically reduced with the DP VPU option.

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Experience the next level of offshore operations. Our easily-configurable VPUs empower choice, enable progress, and set a new standard for efficiency and safety

VPUs are adapted and developed from existing technology. The result is a versatile vessel capable of operating across the entire spectrum of field development – suitable for both deep-water and challenging environments – and deployable in any region worldwide. For versatility and cost efficiency, the VPUs are modular, reconfigurable to optimally suit every need.

Amplus works with three main partners – FES International, Kanfa Group and Houlder – to provide unique solutions for field developments. With the modular VPU design, each partners’ technology can be deployed on any chosen solution.

Production Solutions

Amplus offers three different production vessel solutions – Early Production Vessels, Marginal Field Production Vessels and Full-Field Development Production Vessels – to accommodate any operational requirement.